Our Mission

Kids Adventures is dedicated to providing a safe, active, and enriching environment for all children. We strive to create a feeling of caring, cooperation, and self worth so children can safely explore and grow as unique individuals.

Kids Adventures provides a homelike atmosphere full of choices where each child is a valuable member of the Kids Adventures Family.

Each one of our staff serves as a positive, enthusiastic, and energetic role model for our children.

Children, Parents, and Staff are all important members of the Kids Adventures family. Every member has the opportunity to participate in planning programs and activities that fill the unique needs of everyone involved. We believe that including everyone in the planning process helps to define limits, increases everyone’s enjoyment of the program overall, and maximizes the FUN!


The Kids Adventures Preschool Program is dedicated to providing each child with a safe, active, and comfortable environment where he or she can excel as an individual. Children take part in a program that reinforces language and math skills and includes a variety of age appropriate activities designed to provide an enriching experience that will prepare them for Kindergarten.

School Age

It is our goal at Kids Adventures to provide each child with a safe, active, and comfortable environment where he or she can excel as an individual. Children take part in planning and running a program that includes a variety of age appropriate clubs, activities, projects, field trips and other choices.

summer camp

Summer camp is all about fun and enjoying the outdoors.  We give parents peace of mind that their child will come home having spent their day swimming, hiking and bonding with friends.  Our program specializes in sports and games with a majority of time spent outside.

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Did you know Kids Adventures is open during the Summer?  Click here for more information about Kids Adventure Summer Camps. 

Kids Adventures follows the MCPS admin schedule.  Therefore, when school is closed but admin offices are open, Kids Adventures will be open.  When schools are closed and admin offices are open on a delay, Kids Adventures will open on a delay.  The Kids Adventures website will be updated as soon as the county makes the decision but parents can check the MCPS website for updates.